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Summer is almost here…

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Bartenders for your next cocktail party, dinner party, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, bachelorette party, house warming party, birthday…

We are GENEROUS POUR BARTENDERS …and we would love to help make your next soirée memorable, delicious, and fabulous.

Cherimoya-Wild Bayleaf Mezcal Smash

Using local, seasonal ingredients to create one of our all time favorite drinks – Cherimoya, bayleaf Mezcal smash

Cherimoya are incredible fruit from South America which are now grown in Southern California.  They are tropical, creamy, and vibrant…tastes like tropical, dairy-free ice cream.  Combined with locally grown bayleaf which we foraged from the Santa Monica mountains, this drink is always a huge hit at parties

Cherimoya Mezcal Smash Cocktail

Cherimoya is a delicious, tropical fruit native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. We love infusing it in mezcal.  You end up with a smoky, floral, tropical base spirit for cocktails.

Our favorite : Cherimoya mezcal, wild bayleaf, organic lime juice & agave…shaken and served on the rocks. Think – smoky, tropical margarita, with an-almost creamy texture…effing delish