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Keith Richards Morning Elixir…

Here’s one to try out on guests at your next backyard soiree.

Two ounces gin of your preference, 3/4oz. organic lemon juice, 3/4oz. agave syrup, dash of our housemade cracked black pepper bitters, two bar spoons of Yellow Chartreuse, Italian basil and cucumber.

In a shaker tin muddle a few basil leaves and 2-3 slices of cucumber with the lemon juice and agave. Add the gin, black pepper bitters and Yellow Chartreuse. Add ice and shake. Strain over new ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with thin cucumber slices.

Entertaining Guests with a Whisky Cocktail

Here’s a easy way to offer your dinner party guests a cocktail without having to hire a bartender.

You batch it before guests arrive.  These whiskey cocktails – Manhattan, Vieux Carre, Boulevardier – all work well because the only ingredients are booze.  They don’t use any citrus juice or sugar.  No shaking either.  And you batch them in a bottle with NO ice so it’ll keep in your fridge.

Here’s one of my favorites to try : A  Manhattan with Meyer lemon-infused Cynar (in place of vermouth).

First infuse the Cynar – (an Italian liqueur distilled from artichokes) with Meyer lemon peels for one week. (use the peels only, use 4 or 5 lemons). If you’re making 8 drinks infuse 8 ounces, 10 drinks infuse 10 ounces, and so on.

After the week of infusing, it’s time to batch the drink.  Use an empty wine bottle or any vessel that you prefer.

Use two parts rye whiskey OR bourbon to one part Meyer lemon-infused Cynar.

Optional – A dash of Angostura bitters if you have it, but it’s not necessary.

Keep it in the refrigerator and pour to orderer a large ice cube and serve with a Meyer lemon twist.

Cherimoya Mezcal Smash Cocktail

Cherimoya is a delicious, tropical fruit native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. We love infusing it in mezcal.  You end up with a smoky, floral, tropical base spirit for cocktails.

Our favorite : Cherimoya mezcal, wild bayleaf, organic lime juice & agave…shaken and served on the rocks. Think – smoky, tropical margarita, with an-almost creamy texture…effing delish