The Bartenders

WE ARE attentive, thoughtful, professional, charming & impeccably groomed…

WE MAKE delicious, seasonal, beautiful, original cocktails as well as the classics…

WE USE artisan distilled spirits and locally-grown citrus, produce & herbs

Estimates & Consultations :  Call us at 310.906.8130 OR email : 

I’ve gathered ideas, inspiration & experience working in fine-dining, dive bars, 5-star hotels, sexy cocktail lounges & gastro pubs, as well as managing private bartending gigs ranging from extravagant weddings to casual backyard get-togethers.

WE ARE PRIVATE EVENT BARTENDING EXPERTS…And we would love to help make your next party a memorable, unique, well-executed, stress-free, super-fun experience for YOU and your guests.  – ANDREW

WE GOT YOU COVERED FOR YOUR…Wedding Receptions & Bridal Showers – Film Wrap Parties – Birthday & Holiday Parties – Fundraising Events – Casual Get-togethers – Corporate Events


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